Monday, July 14, 2014

Carrot Top at Luxor and Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay

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This weekend my best friend, Amy from Duluth, MN came out to visit with her brother and sister in law. I always enjoy seeing Amy -- *even when we aren't at an Isaak show -- because we can be friends beyond Isaak*

Carrot Top at Luxor

The first night out the four of us caught Carrot Top's show at Luxor. Now I know what you are all thinking -- Really? Carrot Top? Yes, Carrot Top! I thought the same as everyone else. I had the same expectations of who Carrot Top was/is from a less than praised reputation and hear say alone. I expected his show to be stupid -- I mean it is Carrot Top, right? Wrong. I was wrong. Amy had said that she had seen his show before and really enjoyed it so I went in with an open mind. Let me tell you -- he puts on a great show! He was hilarious and not annoying. I unfairly expected him to be annoying. He was very personable and had a fun repertoire with his audience. This particular evening the front row was filled with about 10 guys from a bachelor party and it was fun seeing him engage with the sausagefest that was there. The show runs 1 1/2 hours, but breezed by. His show is the high paced bombardment of one line jokes and prop comedy, that you would expect from Carrot Top. Once I caught up to his energy and followed the rapid fire of jokes, I found that my smirk had turned into a full on smile and my chuckles turned into teary eyed laughter. It was however his finale that his showmanship came through. This is when he turned from comedian to entertainer. A montage of Rock Gods Glory. I don't want to give too much away so I shall leave it at that. Needless to say, I love true showmen and Carrot Top was a surprise for me. The biggest surprise however -- Carrot Top has a hot little body now! He buffed down and looks amazing! To sum up what to expect from his show -- it's light hearted and silly with a dash of dirty.  I recommend those in Vegas check out his show! My only disappointment is that I didn't opt to do the meet and greet and meet him!

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*No photos from the first night. Frowny face*

Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay

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The next day Amy and I spent the afternoon by ourselves. We went to Shark Reef in Mandalay Bay. We weren't expecting much, but we figured it was something to do that was near-by since I don't have a car to actually put us around. Shark Reef isn't a huge aquarium, but it was still a really fun time! It starts off with some smaller habitats for aquatic animals, like a crocodile and komodo dragon, and then moves into the inner water habitats. That is where the real fun begins -- little turns into BIG!

Amy and I were pleasantly delighted with how much we enjoyed the afternoon there. Seeing just how big some of these fish get is AMAZING! I didn't know how big sea turtles actually got! They were HUGE!

I believe Amy enjoyed the jellyfish and lion fish the most. I, however, am like a child when it comes to petting animals so my favourite part was being able to pet the stingrays and horseshoe crabs! *squee* If I could have pet the giant sea turtles I would have been in heaven!


While Shark Reef is one of the only family friendly places in Vegas -- we were a little bummed out that there were so many children and strollers there. We were hoping to enjoy the aquarium without the "joys" of the chillins of the world.

Over all, the Shark Reef was a very affordable way to enjoy a simple hour of your day in Las Vegas. A nice place to bring the kids -- IF you HAVE TO bring the kids to Vegas with you.

So until Amy visits again...

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Lana Turner *inspired* faux bangs.

Last night I watched Ziegfeld Girl for the first time ever. What a movie!!! I am sad that I hadn’t watched it sooner! I was inspired by Lana Turner’s pin curled faux bangs and wanted to try to figure them out for myself. So last night I set them in a pattern I *thought* was how hers was set, but as you can see, I still need to figure out the correct pattern as my bangs don’t look the same. I think my bangs are good on their own, but I was just hoping for something a little bit closer. Ah well — it was my first time trying. Also, my sides were too long so I just let them fall were they wanted too on the top and it created waves not seen on Lana. I didn't even attempt to do the back the same way. My hair is too long and I don’t have the proper rat for the back roll. One last thing, I set my hair in the same direction as hers, but the photos were taken in the mirror so they are reversed. 

I tried. 

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

My New Sun Top: My First Sewing Project of 2014

My vintage fabric and 1940s sun top pattern.

I just wanted to share a quick post with you today. This is my first sewing project of 2014!!!

Back when I was still living in Wisconsin, I had originally had this scrap of fabric that I was going to sell. I figured someone may want it cheap for some decorative detail or trim or something for a project. However, I pulled it out of the sale stash when I realized it would be just enough fabric to make a sun top! I never got around to making it when I was in Wisconsin, but I did have it with the intended pattern. And there it sat and waited, with puppy dog eyes to be made up. Unfortunately for the fabric and pattern, but fortunately for me, I had to pack up and move out west so it would be a little longer before it was made up.

Not very much fabric to work with!

Fast forward -- I am now in Las Vegas and it was one of the first projects I intended to make, so I pulled it out within the first 3 days of living here. Once again it looked at me with those puppy dog eyes, but I was just too busy to make it up. Now a month in to living here I finally had a few spare hours to whip it up!

Close up of print. Unsure of the era. Could be 40s, could be 60s. It is cotton though.

Late Monday I found out I was going to go out to a local tiki bar with some friends Tuesday night and I didn't have a thing to wear! (Girls, you know how that is.) For the past week, I have been enjoying very summery outfits including a top that I made YEARS ago with the same pattern from an old bed sheet. I figured now is the time to make up the top! So Tuesday afternoon I started on my sewing and 3 hours later I was done.

I took extra time to iron out the fabric and pattern and then iron the darts and seams and really take the correct time with this as I plan on wearing this top out a lot and wanted it as rightly done as my skill level could provide.

So here is the finished product! I hope you like!

Bathroom lighting sucks! Sorry for that -- and my boobs.

Thank you for stopping by this wee blog o' mine and reading! I hope you enjoyed!

Wearing it with a skirt I made up a few years ago. I wanted to make up a black skirt to match, but I ran out of time.

What summer outfits have you been sewing up??

Just for funzies -- Sunday I got to spend time with my best friend, Amy, who was visiting LV from Duluth, MN! I want her to come back!

Come back Amy!!!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Vintage Playsuit Sew Along 2014

How exciting! My very first sew along! Now that my situation is a happier one, I finally feel like this is a sew along I can join in, participate, and complete!
The Girl with the Star-Spangled Heart is hosting the sew along. For the month of May it is all about inspiration and planning. MANY years ago I found a playsuit on etsy or ebay or the like that I fell in love with and knew I wanted to make it. I saved it to my computer, but since then my computer went kaput and the playsuit has since drowned in the deep sea of the internet. The only thing I remember about the novelty patterned playsuit was that it had a Peter Pan collar in matching solid color. I can't remember if it was a button front, button side, or a 2 piece. Which is a shame because I really wanted to make that playsuit! 

About a year or two after I saved that playsuit to my computer I found the strawberry fabric of my dreams and I knew it was meant for it. The fabric features large red strawberries and on a bright blue background. So I bought 4 yards of this fantastic fabric, washed it and folded it and let it sit until I was ready to sew it.

What was I waiting for? Well I was "weighting" for me to lose weight. Ahahahahaha here I am 5-6 years later still waiting for that weight to be lost. When this sew along was announced I instantly remembered my fabric that was so patiently waiting to be sewed up and thought, "Screw it! I'll just take it in when the time comes that I finally kick this out of shape mess I have become."
So I have the fabric and a barely there memory of the playsuit I adored, so what will my actual playsuit finally come out to be? Over the last couple of years I have acquired a small handful of playsuits. but none of them have a Peter Pan collar, so for this sew along I am going to have to switch out the collar with a Peter Pan collar from a blouse of similar design. For this mash up I am using New York 608 and Simplicity 3638, both from the 40s.

Being that the collar is a matching solid, I think it will be fun to line the inside of the sleeves with the matching solid so I can have the option to cuff the sleeves as well as make the skirt reversible (if I have enough of the strawberry fabric) with the matching solid. This should help balance out the otherwise lonely solid collar.

One thing I am unsure about is the breast pocket. Should I include it in full solid or in printed base with solid trim, or should I exclude it completely?
I already know that I will have to alter the length of the pattern. I am built like a praying mantis. Long legs and a LONG torso! Only I am not nearly as cite as these little buggers. I usually end up having to add 3 inches the all the waists of my sewing projects.
One thing that is hard for me with my sewing is my lack of a dummy (other than the sewer!) It tends to make fittings and evening hems a bit difficult as I have to move around and hold things in place which alters the correct fit. It's also a bit frustrating to have to put on and take off repeatedly and getting stuck by pins even more so, just to ensure a proper fit! So a muslin is definitely a must with this project!
Needless to say I am super excited to get started on this sew along. I've been wearing my sailor playsuit that I sewed up a few years ago so much people are going to think that is the only thing I have to wear! I am super excited to see what everyone comes up with! Playsuits are such a coveted vintage wardrobe essential I know I will be drooling and filled with envy over the gems that everyone comes up with!
Are you joining in? What will your playsuit for the summer of 2014 be?

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Paradise Palms Prom Party

My friend, Palamino got me this beautiful glittery corsage!

This post will not be illustrated as exciting as the title implies. I will explain why shortly. It will also be a quick post.

Some of you may know that for a week now I have been living in Las Vegas. I was finally able to pack up all my junk in a truck and take a 3 day trek across country from Kenosha, WI to Las Vegas, NV. My puppy butts made the trip wonderfully and I couldn't be happier!

This past Saturday the community of Paradise Palms had their monthly get together of home owners. My friend, Jaede (who was the one who originally suggested I move to Las Vegas nearly 3 years ago) lives in Paradise Palms and she invited me to the get together so that I could meet everyone in one fell swoop.

Paradise Palms is a community of Mid-Century Modern homes with (most) owners being part of preservation and restoration vs update and rejuvenate. Most residents love vintage even if they don't adopt it as their fashion style. Luckily for me, a lot do! I like to think of Paradise Palms as the Palm Springs of Vegas.

As I had mentioned, my friend Jeade invited me to the get together which was a prom themed party. Having just sold my 50's prom dress and unable to find the box with my 40's formal in it in time, I unfortunately could only wear a 40's day dress to meet the lovely people of the community. No one seemed to mind thank goodness -- although I was disappointed I couldn't dress up. We all know I love an excuse to put on the high glam!

The party was hosted by a lovely couple, Asia and Joel. They were very welcoming and had delicious finger foods and a "prom photo area" set up in their beautiful home. I opted not to start snapping away pictures of their home and guests only because I didn't want to over step my welcome and be that person that would be all, "I don't know you, let me take pictures of you and your guests and post them online -- because I have a blog." So the only pictures I have from the evening are below from the "Prom Photo area".

I met many fascinating people that were beyond welcoming and friendly. Excited for living and not just for football and fish fries. Meeting these people solidified my thoughts that I made the right choice after all by moving back west. It was a pleasure speaking with everyone, even briefly and I am excited for future get to-gethers!

On to the photos...

Posing like a dorkhole with Kelly.

My face is pudgy, but I am working on that. LOL Kelly is adorable!

Jaede and me. She looked lovely even though she had 5 mins to get ready straight after work. 

Palamino and me. He was a gem helping me move all my stuff from the truck to the apartment!

New friends! Denise, Jaede, Olga, me, Stacey, and Jasmin.

With Jasmin of "Vintage Vandalizm" Check out her blog!

Jasmin and me acting like ladies.

Jaede with her husband Mike.