Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Totally 80s

Hi Lovelies!!

If any of you know me just a little bit, you know that my love of the 80s is right up there with the 40s.  For the last couple months I have been on an 80s kick that has intensified this past week. I figure most of you that follow my little ol' blog here follow because of our similar love of the 1940s, so I didn't want to bore you with my 80s wave I am in.

But in order to give a quick update and not pulling a Houdini, again, I just wanted to do a quick picture post on what I am finding inspirational right now... and that is the 1980s. Most specifically, the BIG ASS HAIR!
My Current BIG HAIR Obsession... Louise Robey aka Micki Foster from Friday the 13th; The Series.

The Lubbock Babes Specifically Brooke Theiss as Wendy Lubbock on Just the Ten of Us!

 Tiffany. Her perfect feathered hair that was very 80s without being too stiff.

 What is Tiffany without Debbie Gibson.

Speaking of Debbie Gibson... This backup dancer from her video Shake Your Love.

And of course, my 80s GODDESS Madonna!!!


  1. Hooray! I love seeing other "less popular" eras represented in the vintage-o-sphere. I'm usually a late 50s early 60s girl, but I'm REALLY into the early 70s right now. I want ALL of Mary's outfits from the Mary Tyler Moore show!

    1. Yay!!! I can appreciate the 70's as well! Some things were amazing! While I have decades I like more or less than others, I honestly don't hate any decade and think they all have some highlights!

  2. Oh the 80s. It was good times! You had to have your trusty mousse and gel and teasing comb hehe I love Robey-Friday the 13th is one of my favorite shows. Her style on the show was killer too! Super fun post! xox

    1. I am so happy someone else remembers that show! It is honestly my 2nd favourite show of all time right after Brisco County Jr.

  3. I was wondering when this was coming.